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June 18 2014

The very best My Little Pony Products

The My Little Pony items are typically the most popular toys for little girls nowadays. These toys are enjoyable and fun to try out. If you're searching for just one of those to your daughter, here are a few of the greatest products.

My Little Pony Make Me Better with Rarity the Unicorn
This smart little pony is surely an electronic toy which can be able to responding through electronic sounds. This toy allows your child to take care of this, similar to taking care of a genuine pet. This reacts or responds depending on how she gets. Whenever your child takes the temperature of her pony, she frowns if not feeling well and will smile when she's doing fine.
Egg Surprise
Your daughter can also utilize the included toy stethoscope to know the heart beat. Your daughter may also feed her pony. One of many great features of the toy would it be had the ability to respond by saying, "You take care of me," "My tummy feels funny," and "Thank you for wiping my nose."

The package has a personality, toy stethoscope, tissue box, two tissues, toy thermometer, and medicine spoon.

This electronic toy operates with AAA batteries included as well using the package. This toy is great for girls 36 months old and above.

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie's Party (Play set)

This Pinkie Pie character is its birthday celebration. Pinkie Pie insists upon help her out in preparing for this very special day. Find her a perfect outfit and elegance her hair and match it with a party hat. Also prepare her birthday cake not to mention the handmade cards.

The package includes 1 piece pony figure, 2 pieces t-shirt, 2 pieces skirts, 4 groups of shoes, birthday cake, cake slice, party hat, and a pair of pieces cards.

My Little Pony Ponyville Sweet Sundae Amusement Park

The product is really a pair of toys meant for girls ages 3 and above. It allows your youngster to be creative in establishing an amusement park.

The package has a ferris wheel, roller coaster, ice cream parlor, pony figure, tables, boat, popcorn, giraffe and stuffed bear.

The set includes 3 bits of AA batteries.

My Little Pony RC Scootaloo

This toy is a remote control scooter which spins, runs forwards and backwards and possesses a horn. The pony figure can be connected to the scooter for any ride. It can be designed to wear a helmet and scarf.

Package has handheld remote control, scooter, pony figure, helmet and a scarf.

My Little Pony Soft Crawling Pinkie Pie

This toy is is made up of cute pony figure which could crawl entirely up to you asking for your ex girlfriend and care. The figure wiggles her tail while she crawls. It features a furry body that little girls will certainly love. This cute little pony operates with AA battery.

My Little Pony Collector Pony Pack

Because of its 25th year celebration, My Little Pony released this special collector's item. This set includes several pony figures with its own characteristic. Incorporated with this collection are Pinky Pie Pony, Star Song Pony, Toola Roola Pony, Sweetie Belle Pony, Scootaloo Pony, Rainbow Dash Pony and Cheerilee Pony.
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